Iconic Digital Brand

Newry is positioning itself to be one of the most significant players of the upcoming global digital market through its knowledge and in-depth experience in Global Monetization, achieved by:

  • Global Relevance: Worldwide Distribution and Omni-channel Management.

  • A Billing and Settlement framework.

  • A clear Growth and Monetization Strategy leveraged on a framework of financial discipline.

  • A Centralised Decision making.

  • An unrivalled Digital Assets Portfolio.

  • A Worldwide partnership recruitment and global approach strategy.

  • The expansion of our Digital Footprint, with special focus on Emerging Markets such as Africa, Asia and Latam.

  • A proprietary Real-Time Analytics Platform.

Monetizing Apps and Digital Services

Monthly ad impressions

Monthly processed transactions

Monthly active users

Monthly installs

Multi-channel and multi-monetization platform

Newry's own platform is one of our most valuable assets. It’s at the heart of everyday business activity.

Newry is continuously expanding its digital and physical footprint, with dedicated resources in multiple countries, helping to strengthen our position in emerging markets such as Africa, Asia and LATAM.

Newry Global Media, S.L. está apoyado por la Garantía INNOVFIN PYME, la cual cuenta con el apoyo financiero de la Unión Europea en el contexto del programa de Instrumentos Financieros Horizonte 2020.