What do we offer?

We are able to attract new subscribers quickly by:

  • Using our in-depth market knowledge to segment the audience.

  • Offering multiple distribution channels (Omni-channel) by making use of our existing global distribution network.

The conversion of newly acquired subscribers into long lasting customers has improved hugely due to our attractive offers. This improvement in the ratios equates to an increase in ARPU, a higher profit share and a considerable decrease in the Churn Rate, since the content is a persuasive element when purchasing.

Our client-centric approach enables personalized services that increase the engagement and stickiness of the customers with the live products.

Newry boosts engagement and increases loyalty (LTV) for every offering.

Our monetization channels never cannibalize the partner channels, but work to complement each other. The increase in those KPI’s will maximize any investment.

Our partners